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3/32" EC1 Select EM12KS Carbon Steel Submerged Arc Wire 60 lb Coil

Airgas Part #:S042421460

Manufacturer Part #:2421460

$4.43 /US Pound
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$265.80 Coil 60 US pound / Coil
$8,505.60 Pallet 1,920 US pound / Pallet
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Item Details

  • Select EM12KS is a metal cored, carbon steel electrode for submerged arc welding. It is intended for single and multiple pass welding of carbon, and certain low alloy, steels in the flat and horizontal fillet positions. This electrode should be used for submerged arc welding only.


  • ABS AWS A5.17 F7A0-EC1 Lincoln 780
  • ABS AWS A5.17 F7A2-EC1 Lincoln 761
  • ABS Part 2 Appendix 2 4YM H5 ARCFLUX BF-10 MW
  • AWS D1.8 F7A0-EC1-H8 ARCFLUX BF 3.5
  • AWS D1.8 F7A0-EC1-H8 ARCFLUX BF-10 MW
  • CWB CSA W48-18 E49A5-EC1-H8 ARCFLUX BF 3.5 3/32
  • CWB CSA W48-18 F49A3-EC1-H8 ARCFLUX BF-1
  • CWB CSA W48-18 F49A5-EC1-H8 ARCFLUX BF-10 MW
  • Produces a weld deposit chemistry similar to EM12K solid wire electrodes
  • Higher deposition rates than solid wire when run at the same current level
  • Exhibits a broader and shallower bead profile than when using solid wire, reducing the tendency for burn through
  • Capable of running directly over root passes with proper procedure – eliminating requirement for a hot pass
  • Easy slag removal – reduces post weld cleanup time


  • Select EM12KS is ideal for those applications involving the welding of structural carbon steels such as A36, A285, A515, and A516.
  • It may be used with neutral or active fluxes and may be substituted anywhere a solid wire, EM12K electrode is used.


  • Protect yourself and others read the safety data sheet prior to using this product.

Product Attributes

Trade Name

» Select EM12KS

AWS Classification

» EC1
» F7A6-EC1
» F7P6-EC1


» 3/32"


» 60 lb


» Coil