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3/32" EC1 DIAMONDSPARK S 55 HP Carbon Steel Submerged Arc Wire 55 lb Coil

Airgas Part #:UTP12051

Manufacturer Part #:12051

$5.31 /US Pound
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Item Details

  • Diamondspark S 55 HP is a copper coated seamless basic flux cored wire with a good resistance to deformation and is very easy to straighten to ensure the best current transfer and reduced contact tip wear. This wire is not sensitive to moisture pick up. The weld metal demonstrates good toughness properties at low temperatures, which gives the fabricator the possibility to weld with high heat input at high welding speed resulting in very high productivity: e.g.: single wire 1/8", 800 Amps (~35 lb/hour) with good bead appearance, nice fusion and good slag detachability. Suitable for tandem arc welding (~ 65lb/hour) with 2 wires (1/8" or 5/32"). 2-run technology can be applied with suitable fluxes. Mechanical properties are dependent on the actual welding procedure.

Product Attributes

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AWS Classification

» EC1


» 3/32"


» 55 lb


» Coil