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1/8" X 14" E7018 Atom Arc® Carbon Steel Electrode 50 lb Hermetically Sealed Can

Airgas Part #:ESA255011819

Manufacturer Part #:255011819

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Item Details

  • ESAB® Atom Arc® Carbon Steel Electrode in a 50 lb hermetically sealed container is a low hydrogen moisture-resistant, all position welding tool specially formulated to weld carbon and low alloy steels that includes variety of hardenable steels. C.W.B-CSA W48 certified electrode gives wider operating ranges and minimizes the post weld clean up by featuring smooth weld metal transfer. 1/8" Dia electrode meets the specifications of AWS A5.1 E7018H4R, ASME SFA 5.1, QPL-22200/1, MIL-7018, A.B.S.-2Y/AWS A5.1 E7018, D.N.V.-3Y (H10) and L.R.-3m, 3Ym (H10). Electrode requires preheat to weld heavy sections and is used with hardenable steels that prevent hard heat-affected zone formation that in turn reject tendencies towards quench cracking on cooling.


  • The wider operating ranges and smooth weld metal transfer minimizes post weld clean up
  • This premium quality electrode meets a multitude of codes and welding specifications


  • AWS A5.1: E7018H4R
  • ASME SFA 5.1
  • QPL-22200/1: MIL-7018
  • ABS-2Y/AWS A5.1: E7018
  • DNV-3Y (H10)
  • Certified By CWB-CSA W48
  • LR-3m, 3Ym (H10)


  • Civil construction
  • Mobile machinery
  • Shipbuilding
  • Bridge construction
  • Rail road car
  • Automotive
  • General fabrication
  • Weld carbon
  • Weld low alloy steel


  • Preheat is generally not required to prevent underbead cracking
  • Preheat should be used with hardenable steels to prevent the formation of hard heat-affected zones and eliminate tendencies toward quench cracking on cooling
  • Preheat may also be required in welding heavy sections

Product Attributes

AWS Classification

» E7018


» 1/8"


» 50 lb

Trade Name

» Atom Arc®

Electrode Length

» 14"


» Hermetically Sealed Can


» RuffElect