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5/32" X 14" Hardalloy®118 Hard Facing Electrode 10 lb Can

Airgas Part #:HOBS540451-033

Manufacturer Part #:S540451-033

$9.01 /US Pound
Package Size Options
$90.10 Can 10 US pound / Can
$270.30 Master Carton 30 US pound / Master Carton
$11,352.60 Pallet 1,260 US pound / Pallet
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Item Details

  • Hobart® Hardalloy® 118 5/32" Dia X 14" Hard Facing Electrode comes in a 10 lb hermetically sealed container is ideally designed for building up and overlay of austenitic manganese steels. Electrode renders good abrasion resistance and impact after work hardening. It deposits work hardenable austenitic manganese steel alloy and deposit is porosity-free, highly tough that makes it well suited for severe impact. It can be used to join of austenitic manganese to austenitic manganese only. It provides smooth, stable arc with low spatter loss for smooth operation and has slag removal design that makes cleaning easier. It uses DCEP or AC for the operations with amperage of 140 - 250 A. It has mechanical properties such as tensile strength of 127000 psi and yield strength of 78000 psi. It delivers magnificent base for more abrasion-resistant carbide alloys like Hardalloy® 140 and 155. Electrode with minimized amperage can be used as out-of-position. It can be used to building a series of horizontal beads on a shelf by featuring weave technique. It is ideal for welding type 309 stainless steels, 18-8 clad steel or dissimilar metals. It is produced in the higher range of carbon content that give rise to high temperature strength. It finds applications in crusher jaws and cones, crusher rolls, light duty, dredge pump casings, impellers and side plates, gyratory crusher mantles and cones, hammer mill hammers, impactor crusher bars, manganese bucket teeth, sizing screens manganese steel railroad crossovers and frogs.


  • Single and multiple pass


  • Manganese Bucket Teeth
  • Light-duty
  • Crusher Rolls
  • Gyratory Crusher Mantles and Cones
  • Hammer Mill Hammers
  • Impactor Crusher Bars
  • Sizing Screens
  • Dredge Pump Casings

Product Attributes


» 5/32"


» 10 lb

Trade Name

» Hardalloy®118


» 14"


» Can