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3/16" X 3/16" E9018-B3R H4R Hobart® Hoballoy® 9018B3 Low Alloy Stick Electrode 50 lb Hermetically Sealed Container

Airgas Part #:HOBS125558-035

Manufacturer Part #:S125558-035

$6.98 /US Pound
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$349.00 Can 50 US pound / Can
$20,940.00 Pallet 3,000 US pound / Pallet
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Item Details

  • Hobart® E9018-B3 H4R Hoballoy® 9018B3 Low Alloy Steel Electrode with 3/16" Dia uses AC or DCEP (Direct Current Electrode Positive) type current and is recommended for use in boiler fabrication and chrome-moly pipes. The electrode offers resistance to moisture reabsorption which helps prevent hydrogen cracking and aids in elimination of starting porosity. The coating is specially formulated to resist moisture pick-up under conditions of high heat and humidity. 9018B3 is an outstanding welding electrode for welding higher strength piping, castings and forgings. Quick and easy slag removal helps in reducing clean-up time. It is best known for its good arc characteristics providing stable and easy to control arc while low smoke level offers welder safety and comfort. Low hydrogen, less than 4 ml/100 g is resistant to hydrogen-induced cracking. Low spatter level improves weld bead appearance and higher deposition. If exposed to atmosphere for long periods electrode needs to be reconditioned for one hr at 600 deg F. After opening, store it in holding oven at 250 - 400 deg F until used. Electrode comes in a hermetically sealed container weighing 50 lb.


  • Quick and easy slag removal
  • Low moisture reabsorption
  • Low spatter level
  • Excellent arc characteristics
  • Low hydrogen, less than 4 ml/100 g
  • Low smoke level


  • AWS A5.5: E9018-B3 H4R
  • ASME SFA 5.5: E9018-B3 H4R
  • ABS


  • Chrome-moly pipes
  • Boiler fabrication and maintenance


  • Avoid breathing welding fumes and gases, they may be dangerous to your health
  • Always use adequate ventilation
  • Always use appropriate personal protective equipment

Product Attributes

Trade Name

» Hoballoy®

AWS Classification

» E9018-B3R


» 3/16"


» 50 lb

Electrode Length

» 3/16"


» Can