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5/32" X 14" 308L-16 HOBART® 308/308L Sterling® AP Stainless Steel Stick Electrode 6 lb Can

Airgas Part #:HOBS481951-032

Manufacturer Part #:S481951-032

$17.53 /US Pound
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$105.18 Can 6 US pound / Can
$315.54 Master Carton 18 US pound / Master Carton
$22,087.80 Pallet 1,260 US pound / Pallet
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  • 5/32" X 14" E308L-16 RADNOR™ Stainless Steel Stick Electrode 3 lb Plastic Tube

    Airgas Part #:RAD64001165

    Manufacturer Part #:74112

    $8.01 /US Pound

Item Details

  • 5/32" E308 Sterling AP Stainless Steel Stick Electrode 6 lb - Primarily designed for welding type 308L base metal with low or medium carbon content. Contains low carbon to avert carbide precipitation during welding as well as weld service. Excellent for welding 18 Cr-8 Ni steels. Has a smooth running arc that results in a uniform weld bead that is flat to slight convex.


  • Spray like arc transfer
  • Directional arc
  • Easy strike and re-strike
  • All position
  • Self detaching slag


  • A5.4: E308-16 and E308L-16


  • Food and Beverage
  • Petrochemical plan
  • Pulp and Papr
  • Other general fabrication on stainless steels.

Product Attributes


» 14"


» 6 lb

AWS Classification

» 308L-16
» E308


» 5/32"

Trade Name

» HOBART® 308/308L Sterling® AP


» Can