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1/8" X 14" E316-16 Excalibur® 316/316L-16 Stainless Steel Stick Electrode 30 lb

Airgas Part #:LINED033105

Manufacturer Part #:ED033105

$16.68 /US Pound
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$166.80 Can 10 US pound / Can
$500.40 Carton 30 US pound / Carton
$27,021.60 Pallet 1,620 US pound / Pallet
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  • 1/8" X 14" E316L-16 RADNOR™ Stainless Steel Stick Electrode 3 lb Plastic Tube

    Airgas Part #:RAD64001175

    Manufacturer Part #:74114

    $9.88 /US Pound

Item Details

  • Excalibur® stainless stick electrodes deliver exceptional puddle control, a smooth arc, and excellent slag release


  • Q2 Lot® - certificate showing actual deposit chemistry and calculated ferrite number (FN) available online
  • Designed with low carbon levels to help eliminate carbide precipitation in high temperature service
  • Molybdenum grade for increased corrosion resistance
  • Flux coating provides smooth arc transfer in all welding positions, except vertical down

Product Attributes


» 14"


» 30 lb

AWS Classification

» E316-16
» E316L-16


» 1/8"

Trade Name

» Excalibur®
» Excalibur® 316/316L-16