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1/8" X 14" E316L-17 RADNOR 316L-17 Stainless Steel Stick Electrode 3 lb Tube (9 lb. Master Carton)

Airgas Part #:RAD64001176

Manufacturer Part #:67654

$13.46 /US Pound
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$40.38 Tube 3 US pound / Tube
$121.14 Master Carton 9 US pound / Master Carton
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Item Details

  • RADNOR E316L-17 is a Cr-Ni-Mo rutile acid coated electrode for all position welding of ASTM 316 and 316L stainless steels. It is designed with low Carbon levels to help eliminate carbide precipitation in high temperature service. This electrode features a good resistance against intergranular corrosion. Minimum spatter formation, self-releasing slag, and a smooth, clean weld profile.


  • E316-17/E316L-17
  • Can be used in all welding positions
  • AC or DC+ Current


  • Meets AWS A5.4, ASME SFA 5.4, ABS and CWB


  • Electrodes should be kept as dry as possible when they are being used
  • Electrodes slightly affected by moisture may be rebaked for approximately 3 hours at 475° F – 525° F
  • Heating and cooling should be carried out slowly
  • Electrodes may be rebaked up to 3 times with no danger of damaging the coating

Product Attributes


» 14"


» 3 lb

AWS Classification

» E316L-17


» 1/8"

Trade Name

» RADNOR 316L-17


» Tube