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1/8" X 39" ER70S-2 BÖHLER ER 70 S-2 Carbon Steel TIG Rod 11 lb Tube

Airgas Part #:UTP35706

Manufacturer Part #:35706

$8.49 /US Pound
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$93.39 Tube 11 US pound / Tube
$373.56 Carton 44 US pound / Carton
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Item Details

  • ER70S-2 GTAW rods contain Al, Ti and Zr, which are strong deoxidizers, in combination with Mn and Si, these rods are referred to as triple deoxidized. This has advantages when welding rimmed or semi-killed mild steels, or where joint preparations are rusty or contaminated. BÖHLER ER 70 S-2 is primarily used for single pass welding. For applications involving single and multipass GTAW and/or low temperature toughness requirements down to –110ºF we recommend our GTAW rod BÖHLER EML 5 (ER70S-3). BÖHLER ER 70 S-2 can be used in sour gas applications

Product Attributes


» 39"

Trade Name

» BÖHLER ER 70 S-2


» 11 lb


» 1/8"

AWS Classification

» ER70S-2