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1/16" X 36" ER316 Lincoln® ER316/316L Stainless Steel TIG Rod 30 lb

Airgas Part #:LINED034445

Manufacturer Part #:ED034445

$15.61 /US Pound
Package Size Options
$156.10 Tube 10 US pound / Tube
$468.30 Carton 30 US pound / Carton
$18,732.00 Pallet 1,200 US pound / Pallet
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Item Details

  • Lincoln Electric® ER316/316L 1/16" Dia X 36" Stainless Steel TIG Welding Rod comes in a 10 lb tube that has 2-3% molybdenum improving pitting corrosion resistance of the weld deposit. 0.03% carbon content increases resistance to intergranular corrosion. Feature good bead-wetting characteristics, great puddle control, clean welds with minimal "smut". Consistent weld deposit chemistry and procedures from package to package helps to improve quality and save time. This rod is used for high temperature service applications, base material with similar composition, and is ink jet printed along the entire length of the electrode. It meets AWS A5.9/A5.9M, ER316, ER316L and ASME SFA-A5.9, ER316, ER316L standards.


  • Consistent weld deposit chemistry and procedures from package to package improve quality and save time
  • Good bead wetting characteristics
  • Great puddle control
  • Clean welds, minimal "smut"


  • AWS A5.9
  • ASME SFA 5.9 ER316, ER316L


  • Sheet metal on the corresponding stainless steel base metals
  • High pressure piping and tubing

Product Attributes

AWS Classification

» ER316
» ER316L


» 1/16"


» 36"


» 30 lb

Trade Name

» Lincoln®
» Lincoln® ER316/316L