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1/16" E70T-1C H8/-9C H8 FabCO® TR-70 Gas Shielded Carbon Steel Tubular Welding Wire 60 lb Coil

Airgas Part #:HOBS247019-002

Manufacturer Part #:S247019-002

$5.86 /US Pound
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$351.60 Coil 60 US pound / Coil
$11,251.20 Pallet 1,920 US pound / Pallet
US pound
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Item Details

  • HOBART® FabCO® TR-70 - This wire has low smoke, spatter and excellent operator appeal For mild and some low alloy steels. Single or Multiple pass applications with CO2 shielding gas.


  • Low fume generation rate
  • High deposition rates
  • Flat bead profile with fillet welds
  • Easy slag removal
  • Smooth stable arc, tolerant to changes in stick-out
  • Weld deposit with low diffusible hydrogen and good impact toughness
  • Very flexible amperage/voltage range


  • 100% Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • 35-50 cfh (17-24 l/min)


  • EarthMoving Equipment
  • Mining Machinery
  • Plate Fabrication
  • Railroad Cars
  • Shipbuilding
  • Structural Applications

Product Attributes

AWS Classification

» E70T-1C H8/-9C H8


» 1/16"


» 60 lb

Trade Name

» FabCO® TR-70


» Coil

Shielding Info

» Gas Shielded