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.052" E71T-1C H8/-1M H8 FabCO® 711M Gas Shielded Carbon Steel Tubular Welding Wire 33 lb Spool

Airgas Part #:HOBS248815-029

Manufacturer Part #:S248815-029

$6.14 /US Pound
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$202.62 Spool 33 US pound / Spool
$14,588.64 Pallet 2,376 US pound / Pallet
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Item Details

  • HOBART® FabCO® 711M - The stiff arc action of this wire enhances the deep penetration for out of position welding. Designed for use welding carbon steels, or higher strength steels where the properties of an E71T-1 are deemed adequate.


  • Stiff, driving arc action
  • Fast freezing slag system
  • Designed for 100% CO2 and 75%/25% CO2 shielding gas
  • Easy slag removal


  • 100% Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • 75% Argon (Ar)/25% Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • 35-50 cfh (17-24 l/min)


  • Non-alloyed and fine grain steels
  • General fabrication
  • Shipbuilding
  • Single and multiple pass welds
  • Ship repair

Product Attributes

AWS Classification

» E71T-1C H8/-1M H8


» .052"


» 33 lb

Trade Name

» FabCO® 711M


» Spool

Shielding Info

» Gas Shielded