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.045" E70C-GS FabCOR® F6 Gas Shielded Carbon Steel Tubular Welding Wire 500 lb Exacto-Pak

Airgas Part #:HOBS278312-050

Manufacturer Part #:S278312-050

$5.45 /US Pound
Package Size Options
$2,725.00 Drum 500 US pound / Drum
$10,900.00 Pallet 2,000 US pound / Pallet
US pound
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Item Details

  • HOBART® FabCOR® F6 - Extremely high deposition metal-cored wire designed primarily for Automotive and galvanized applications. Innovative formulation results in higher deposition rates than solid wire, excellent gap-bridging capabilities, and a very high-strength deposit that maintains excellent ductility and impact toughness. Designed for use with DCEN polarity.


  • Formulated specifically for automated and mechanized welding of galvanized steels
  • Good arc characteristics
  • Higher deposition rates than solid wire
  • Excellent gap-bridging capabilities
  • Formulated and intended for use with DCEN polarity
  • Strong and ductile weld deposit


  • 75-95% Argon (Ar)/Balance Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • 35-50 cfh (17-24 l/min)


  • Non-alloyed and fine-grained steels
  • Single-pass welding
  • Thin-gauge steels (17ga minimum)
  • Galvanized and zinc coated steels
  • Aluminized coated steels
  • HVAC fabrication
  • Automotive and transportation
  • Storage vessels
  • Fencing and railing

Product Attributes

AWS Classification

» E70C-GS


» .045"


» 500 lb

Trade Name

» FabCOR® F6
» FabCOR®


» Exacto-Pak

Shielding Info

» Gas Shielded