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1/16" E81T1-Ni2C-JH8 Dual Shield® Tubular Low Alloy Steel Wire 33 lb Wire Spool

Airgas Part #:ESA245020219

Manufacturer Part #:245020219

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Item Details

  • Dual Shield® 8000-Ni2 is an all-position flux cored electrode that deposits 2.5% Ni deposit with an 82 ksi (565 MPa) minimum tensile strength. Dual Shield® 8000-Ni2 may be used with CO2 or argon mixtures. The argon-CO2 mixtures reduce spatter and further improve weldability especially for small vertical-up fillets. Dual Shield® 8000-Ni2 produces superior weld metal properties which make it most desirable for such applications as shipbuilding and heavy machinery construction. The weld metal analysis is similar to an E8018-C1 low hydrogen electrode.


  • Amperage Range: 190 Amps-500 Amps
  • Tensile Strength: 88 ksi-90 ksi


  • Mobile Equipment
  • Industrial and General Fabrication
  • Bridge Construction
  • Process

Product Attributes


» 1/16"

AWS Classification

» E81T1-Ni2C-JH8
» E81T1-Ni2M H8


» 33 lb

Trade Name

» Dual Shield®


» Wire Spool