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.045" E308LT0-1/4 Bohler FOXcore 308L-T0 DG Gas Shielded Flux Core Stainless Steel Tubular Welding Wire 33 lb Plastic Spool

Airgas Part #:AVE57543

Manufacturer Part #:57543

$19.12 /US Pound
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Item Details

  • Rutile flux-cored wire of type E308LT0 / T 19 9 L R is designed for welding 304L / 1.4307 type stainless steels with very good corrosion resistance under fairly severe conditions, e.g. in oxidizing acids and cold or dilute reducing acids. Also suitable for welding stainless steels that are stabilized with titanium or niobium, such as 321 /1.4541, 321H / 1.4878 and 347 / 1.4550 provided the application is operating at temperatures below 750°F. For higher temperatures, a niobium-stabilized consumable such as FOXcore 347-T0 is required. The scaling temperature is approximately 1560°F in air. FOXcore 308L-T0 DG provides excellent weldability in flat as well as horizontal positions. Great slag detachability and almost no spatter. Optimized to result in a shiny weld surface, even when welding with 100% CO2. Due to the slow freezing rutile slag, the weld metal has a very smooth bead appearance and low temper discoloration, which makes post-weld cleaning easier. Welding in vertical-up and overhead positions is preferably done using FOXcore 308L-T1.

Product Attributes


» .045"

AWS Classification

» E308LT0-1/4


» 33 lb

Core Info

» Flux Core

Trade Name

» Bohler FOXcore 308L-T0 DG


» Plastic Spool

Shielding Info

» Gas Shielded