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.045" EC309LSi SelectAlloy 309LSi-C Gas Shielded Metal Core Stainless Steel Tubular Welding Wire 250 lb Drum

Airgas Part #:S041225693-1

Manufacturer Part #:1225693-1

$17.84 /US Pound
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$4,460.00 Drum 250 US pound / Drum
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Item Details

  • This metal cored, stainless steel electrode is composed of 24% chromium, 13% nickel and 0.8% silicon with a maximum carbon content of .03%. The higher silicon level improves bead wetting while the lower carbon content minimizes carbide precipitation and makes the weld metal more resistant to intergranular corrosion.


  • CWB CSA W48-18 EC309LSi N/A
  • Produces smooth, well washed beads.
  • Ideally suited for making small butt, lap and fillet welds on thin material at elevated travel speeds.
  • Produces little or no slag and virtually no spatter.
  • Handles poor fit-up.
  • Offers higher deposition rates than equivalent solid wire.


  • SelectAlloy 309LSi-C is utilized in the welding of refinery and chemical processing equipment as well as furnace and auto exhaust parts.
  • This electrode welds Type 309 stainless steel and may be used to join carbon and low alloy steels to austenitic stainless steels.

Product Attributes


» .045"

AWS Classification

» EC309LSi
» EC309Si


» 250 lb

Core Info

» Metal Core

Trade Name

» SelectAlloy 309LSi-C


» Drum

Shielding Info

» Gas Shielded