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Lincoln Electric® Flextec® 350X 200 - 600 Volts 1 or 3 Phase Multi-Process Welder

Airgas Part #:LINK4273-1

Manufacturer Part #:K4273-1

$7,678.00 /Each

Item Details

  • The Flextec 350X PowerConnect is capable of supporting multiple welding processes like the other 350X models. It is capable of Stick, TIG, pulsed and CV MIG as well as arc gouging. The PowerConect model also supports multiple input voltages from 200V up to 600V, single or 3-phase. This gives the power source the ultimate in versatility allowing easy transport from one jobsite to another without ever needing to worry about what input voltage MIGht be available. In addition, PowerConnect can see the incoming voltage and adjust itself as needed. There is no additional need for manually reconnecting for the available input voltage. As with the other Flextecs, CrossLinc Technology is included as a standard feature and can be used with all Lincoln CrossLinc accessories.


  • PowerConnect allows for Automatic connecting to any incoming voltage 200-575VAC, single or three-phase, 50 or 60Hz.
  • Built in pulse programs for carbon steel stainless steel, metal core and aluminum. Requires use of a Power Feed ArcLink wire feeder.
  • Ultimate process flexibility. Supports MIG, TIG, Stick, FluxCored and Carbon Gouging
  • Ultimate feeder flexibility. Supports CrossLinc wire feeders, 14-pin analog wire feeders, 5-pin ArcLink digital wire feeders
  • Proven Reliability. Based on the same proven platform as the previous Flextec machines and lab and field tested to perform in extreme environments.


  • 8.5 ft 4 conductor/ 8 AWG input power cable


  • General Fabrication
  • Heavy Fabrication
  • Pipeline
  • Shipbuilding
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Offshore
  • Pipemills
  • Power Generation
  • Chemical Processing
  • Structural
  • Education

Product Attributes

Trade Name

» Flextec®
» Flextec® 350X

Input AC Voltage

» 200 - 600V


» Stick (SMAW)
» Flux-Cored (FCAW)
» Arc Gouging (CAC-A)

Output Voltage

» 80 V
» 67 V


» 1 or 3 Phase


» 50/60Hz


» 84 lb