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RADNOR™ .035" X 1.5" 0.044" Bore 14 Series Contact Tip

Airgas Part #:RAD64002672

Manufacturer Part #:64002672

$6.99 /Package

Item Details

  • RADNOR™ 14 Series Standard Duty Contact Tip accommodates 0.035" wire and is compatible with 200 - 400 A RADNOR™, RADNOR™ Pro, Tweco®, Tweco® No. 2, Tweco® No. 3 as well as Tweco® No. 4 MIG guns. 1 1/2" Threaded style contact tip is machined from copper alloy tubing that gives a surface of consistent and smooth inside diameter. It provides proper contact with a gas diffuser when installed to the MIG gun and is ideal for use in standard welding application up to 400 A.


  • Easy identification - each contact tip is marked showing part no and wire diameter
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • Inside diameter tolerance is held to +/-.003 in
  • Threaded style contact tip to ensure proper contact with a gas diffuser when installed to the MIG gun
  • Machined from a copper alloy tubing providing a consistent and smooth inside diameter surface
  • Twist it and it locks in place
  • No threads to worry about
  • Increased surface contact between contact tip/diffuser for better electrical conductivity
  • Twist it quarter turn clockwise
  • Use genuine Tweco® accessories, parts, and consumables to protect the quality of your welds and the life of your gun
  • When tip wear point is reached after use, twist it half turn counter-clockwise to expose a new wear point
  • This doubles the life of the tip
  • Thick-walled diffuser design acts as -heat sink- and conducts heat away from the arc source
  • Increases electrical conductive surface area and thereby increases electrical conductivity


  • Used in standard welding application up to 400 Amp

Product Attributes

Consumables Type

» Contact Tip

MIG Gun Model

» RADNOR™ 400

MIG Wire Size

» .035"


» 1.5"


» 0.044"


» 14