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Tweco® 450 Amp Spray Master® 0.045" - 0.063" Air Cooled MIG Gun - 15' Cable/Miller® Style Connector

Airgas Part #:TWE1040-1062

Manufacturer Part #:10401062

$561.53 /Each
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  • RADNOR™ 450 Amp Radmaster 1/16" Air Cooled  - MIG Gun 15' Cable-Miller® Style Connector

    Airgas Part #:RAD64002452

    Manufacturer Part #:64002452

    $440.70 /Each

Item Details

  • Tweco® Spray Master® Series 450 A MIG Gun with heavy-duty contact tip accommodates wires of size 0.045" - 1/16" and has ergonomic handle design that reduces welders fatigue. Air-cooled MIG gun is ideal for spray as well as pulse welding applications and features simplified direct rear plug for easy installation. 15' Power cable offers good wire feedability and features Miller® style rear connection. MIG gun offers 80% duty cycle with argon/CO2 gases and has capacity to deliver under pressure. It is easy to repair and requires less maintenance. It features a diffuser for enhanced performance in high heat applications.


  • Thick-walled, three-layer conductor tube for higher electrical conductivity, act as heat sink and durable
  • Heavy-duty thick-walled contact tip and diffuser increases tip life and decreases downtime with tip changes
  • Balanced to pivot at the center of the handle for ease of use in different welding positions, reduces operator fatigue
  • Extended trigger length to keep hand away from the arc to reduce radiated heat
  • Steel spring strain relief provides support to the Cablehoz® coming out the rear of the handle to minimize wire feed issues
  • Optional mechanical locking trigger - Identified with "LC" Part No. suffix
  • Front and rear spring strain relief and cable support
  • Compact, ergonomic handle design
  • Durable metal jacketed conductor tube
  • Patented, extended life consumables
  • Field repairable: Split-half handle case provides access for ease of repair
  • Field repairable mechanical cable connections for Cablehoz® spare trigger leads in Cablehoz®
  • Lower heat in the handle and conductor tube: Heavy wall conductor tube and front Cablehoz® connection (crimped) for improved electrical conductivity and lower heat in the front end
  • Heavy-duty contact tip and diffuser for improved performance in high heat applications
  • Standard gun configurations options: Standard trigger on/offö‚ operation
  • Optional dual schedule and locking trigger
  • Wide welding applications: Spray transfer mode and pulse welding straight CO2 or mixed gases
  • Lower inventory carrying costs: Interchangeable front end consumables between Tweco® classic no. Series and Tweco® spray master series


  • Rated at 80% duty cycle using mixed gases


  • Farm
  • Garage
  • Hobby/DIY
  • Artistic Metal Working
  • Shop Jobs
  • Maintenance And Repair Applications
  • Production

Product Attributes

MIG Amperage Range

» 450 A

Trade Name

» Tweco® Spray Master®

MIG Wire Size

» 0.045" - 0.063"

Cable Length

» 15'

Cooling Method

» Air Cooled

Rear Connection

» Miller® Style Connector

Wire Type

» Solid
» Flux Cored Gas Shielded
» Flux Cored Self-Shielded
» Aluminum