Hydrocarbon Analysis

Knowing exactly what’s in your feed stream is critical. It allows you to know what’s in the commodity you’re pulling from the ground or if there are any impurities in the resource you’re buying. The first step is applying leading hydrocarbon calibration standards created by the Airgas Center for Hydrocarbon Excellence to assure clarity in your analysis. 

The Airgas Center for Hydrocarbon Excellence allows you to accomplish the following:

  • Apply exacting hydrocarbon standards to extracted raw materials
  • Certify and exceed product stream expectations
  • Save money you may not have known you were losing

Fast, reliable measurements are a necessity to maintaining the integrity of your processes and the quality of your product. The Airgas Center for Hydrocarbon Excellence helps you achieve greater success through increases in process control. The Center creates precise gas mixtures tailored for instruments you use to detect trace impurities and measure the composition of product streams.


Benefit from hydrocarbon standard expertise

We can help you determine what you need to test for and how to do it with precision. Our specific industry knowledge includes identifying which hazardous blends to avoid as well as making calibration recommendations on associated projects. We can produce a custom hydrocarbon standard for virtually anything you’re pulling out of the ground.


Benefit from a committed process

Every inch of the Center’s 21,000-square-foot facility is dedicated to handling all aspects of complex mix production from order entry to shipping. Located on the Houston Shipping Channel, the Center serves the petrochemical, refining and natural gas industries.

Mixtures are created using the highest quality  raw materials and are available in nearly unlimited combinations of compounds and concentrations. By housing the entire process in one facility—quotes, tech support, order entry, production, R&D and data management—we streamline communication between personnel, raise efficiency and diminish error.


Experience precise calibration

With our proprietary calculation programs (ALgomix, PPM and Qtrack) and our state of the art flash calculation software (Chemcad) we can apply different equations of state to predict the phase behavior of complex hydrocarbon mixtures, reducing the potential of calibration error due to condensation of heavy hydrocarbon components. Airgas technical representatives provide:

  • A thorough technical review: Our Hydrocarbon Technical Specialists custom design standards for your specific application
  • Cylinder preparation: Our automated cylinder systems eliminate trace gas contaminants like water and oxygen that can cause long-term stability problems in calibration standards
  • Blending: Three state-of-the-art hydrocarbon blending facilities in the US dedicated to supporting the Energy Market
  • Analytical data mining: Our automated system limits data entry to one step—reducing errors and saving time with data collected from initial conversation down to production
  • Hydrocarbon R&D: Our dedicated staff focus on developing product enhancing software, analytical problem solving, automatic data evaluation, Hydrocarbon Round Robin services and much more

We provide calibration standards for:

  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical
  • Natural gas
  • Pilot plants
  • R&D mixtures
  • Sulfur mixtures
  • Equipment
  • Piston cylinder operation

We deliver so that you can too

With a large national presence and supply-chain efficiency, Airgas, an Air Liquide company, gets you the standards you need, when and where you need them. Operational downtime is minimized as we continuously outperform smaller and less diverse suppliers. Airgas technical representatives are ready to evaluate and answer any questions you may have regarding your custom blend requests.


Take advantage of express service for rush mixes

With an industry where unplanned shutdowns or shut-ins can quickly cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, we’re ready to rapidly respond to an emergency.


Get the right equipment for the right job

As a leader in hydrocarbon calibration standards, we offer a wide range of related support products. To help you preserve your hydrocarbon gas blend, we offer an Airgas cylinder jacket. It prevents cold weather from compromising the mixture of your hydrocarbon blend by keeping cylinder temperature above the hydrocarbon dew point. It’s just one example of how we routinely match the right equipment with the right gases and the right expertise.

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