You asked for a welder with more power, more portability and more energy efficiency. That’s why Miller® developed the new Dynasty® 280 DX.

Weighing only 52 pounds, it can weld up to 3/8” thick material while consuming less energy and providing that smooth, stable arc you can expect from Miller machines. It also provides an intuitive interface with convenient features and is perfect for industrial manufacturing applications and heavy fabrication, including:

Big difference: the Dynasty (left)
weighs 300 lb less than the
Syncrowave® (right).

  • Precision Fabrication
  • Heavy Fabrication
  • Pipe and Tube Fabrication
  • Aerospace
  • Aluminum Ship Repair
  • Anodized Aluminum Fabrication

From moving your workforce forward to helping you lower costs, the Dynasty 280 DX is built to help you truly transform every aspect of your TIG welding operation and we can prove it.

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