Never settle.

That’s the philosophy behind technological innovations like the Miller® Dynasty® 280 DX. Built to address today’s specific welding needs and equipped to keep up in the future, the Dynasty 280 DX is the quintessential TIG welder of the 21st Century.

Big difference: the Dynasty (left)
weighs 300 lb less than the
Syncrowave® (right).

With the Dynasty 280 DX you can:

  • Achieve more consistent arc starts with Blue Lightning™ high-frequency (HF), non-contact arc starter
  • Control the weld output remotely with wireless compatibility
  • Program your machine to power down if it sits idle for a specific time
  • Reduce noise, lower energy usage and minimize contaminants pulled though the machine with the Fan-On-Demand™ power source cooling system
  • Reduce sticking with Hot Start™ adaptive control
  • Detect and easily remove stuck electrodes with Stick-Stuck feature
  • Stay up-to-date with FREE downloadable software updates and product expansions at

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