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FLOXAL™ Nitrogen

On-site nitrogen gas generation

Your production process won’t operate efficiently if you’re working with an unreliable gas supply. FLOXAL™ on-site gas generation systems from Airgas are designed to help give you peace of mind with consistent gas supply, quality and flow rates, while ensuring safety, reliability and cost efficiency.

FLOXAL supplies cost-effective nitrogen generation directly at your facility using a variety of technologies. Output can be increased or decreased to adapt to your unique business. Over the course of the gas agreement, Total Cost of Ownership for FLOXAL is, on average, 25 percent lower than bulk supply or customer-owned equipment.

FLOXAL on-site gas generation is flexible, modular, safe, reliable and cost effective and now also available for food applications. Download our brochure to help you decide if FLOXAL on-site nitrogen generation is right for your business.

Watch to learn how FLOXAL™ can provide a cost effective on-site nitrogen gas generation solution for your business.