As a brewer, you don’t let just anything go into your beer.

Every last detail matters for any serious brewer. Your facility and equipment are designed to avoid contamination. Trial and error led you to the right hops, barley, yeast and even water. But you could be harming your final product if you’re only thinking about these ingredients. With market share up for grabs for brewers of all sizes, make sure you’re doing everything to win hearts and palates.

Whether you’re a national brand or a local craft brewer, it’s important to have a comprehensive supplier that can make sure you’re always getting the right gas for every brew. This enables you to keep existing customers happy while helping you expand your reach. The right supplier makes you more competitive and helps boost profits by enhancing productivity and output with smart procurement solutions tied to safety.


Finish every brew with the right blend

We make sure that all your meticulous care in brewing shines in the final product. Whether you regularly need gas for any part of your process or if your reclamation system just went down, Airgas can make sure you have the high-quality CO2 and CO2/nitrogen blends you need when you need them.

We do this by providing reliable, food- and beverage-grade CO2 and nitrogen via our national footprint and backed by our quality control labs. You want to avoid oxidation before capping your bottles. With certified purity from Airgas, you don’t have to worry about contaminants in your CO2 or nitrogen affecting your beer’s flavor either. And, our national footprint enables us to always have your back—even in an emergency. As a leading supplier of carbon dioxide, we can quickly respond immediately to orders of any size.


Select packaging options that fit your needs

We can meet gas needs large and small with our offering of:

Choose a flexible delivery system

Airgas will evaluate gas usage and needs to determine the most efficient and cost-effective supply mode. We have the flexibility to grow and adapt to your changing gas supply needs. We offer:

  • Bulk gas delivery in tank trailers; installation of on-site bulk storage tanks
  • Bulk gas delivery in tube trailers; installation of on-site ground storage tubes
  • Airgas MicroBulk gas delivery; installation of on-site MicroBulk storage tanks

Save across the board with smart solutions

Growing your business is always a challenge, but it’s even harder if you’re wasting gas. In addition to guaranteeing quality, we help you make informed buying decisions that allow you to save gas and lower costs. Choosing Airgas MicroBulk over cylinders, for instance, can bring your business immense savings through less waste. Besides being more economical, it takes away the time consuming hassles of cylinder management and the worry of partially full cylinders being prematurely returned.

An engineering focus is applied to optimize gas flow and eliminate leaks in the bulk and MicroBulk systems we install and help you maintain. Our data-informed insights on gas consumption will help you make money saving adjustments to your process.


Give your workforce the support of a safety leader

With so many passionate home brewers jumping into jobs in the craft brewing scene, the importance of safety may get lost amidst the creative rush. From small town breweries to big brands that already have standards in place, everyone can benefit from an innovative, always-evolving approach to safety. Potential hazards include:

  • Severe burns (i.e. wort-filled boots)
  • Chemical burns
  • Slip and fall
  • Mechanical trauma
  • Confined-space CO2-related asphyxiation

Airgas can help you get all the resources and expertise you need to have the right safety protocols and procedures in place. We’ll help you keep your employees safe and your business up to date with OSHA regulations. Our two-tiered safety offering begins with ensuring the correct application of the gas systems we deliver and install, backed by our routine oversight.

Through Airgas, you receive the expert guidance needed to help projects related to maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) go smoothly and safely. Our training solutions include:

  • Safety audits, training, implementation and supervision
  • Confined-space supervision/rescue
  • Lockout/tagout
  • Fall protection
  • Respiratory protection (for grain milling) and more

Find the right products and the right solutions—at the right time

Our comprehensive customer service model is backed by:

  • More than 1,400 locations nationwide
  • Expert account managers
  • Industry specialists
  • Dedicated telesales teams
  • Robust eProcurement platform 

Brew to empower your workforce

Being a leader in innovative safety initiatives impacts retention and succession, since it says loud and clear how much you value your employees. We add smart solutions that allow both your final product and your associates’ hard work to shine. At a time when the industry is moving toward more eco-friendly and cost-effective innovations, the more creative you are in forging the path ahead, the more likely you are to maintain the best, most capable minds. Be at your best and retain the best with Airgas.

By looking closer at everything that goes into your beer, you can apply smart solutions grounded in efficiency and safety that will improve your process and your final product. Airgas does more than consistently deliver pure CO2 and precise CO2 and nitrogen blends. We keep adding sustainable innovations that help you continue to meet customers’ expectations as well as whet new appetites in a marketplace growing more crowded every day.

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