You know the drill.

Bring in the well. Maintain the site. Send what you found down the pipeline. Move on and do it all over again. You know the drill. And you know that the faster and more safely you can do it, the more successful you are.

But you probably also know that unforeseen production interruptions and preventable delays can result from not having what you need, when you need it, wherever you are.

These disruptions don’t have to come with the territory. While there’s no such thing as 100 percent certainty in energy exploration and distribution, there are proactive solutions to help you manage the unexpected.


Count on consistency

We know the last thing you want is for one of your sites to say they don’t have what they need to stay up and running.

As a leading single-source supplier of gases, welding and safety products to the energy industry, we have the experience, inventory and services to help you produce more—faster, safer and smarter.

Whether it’s natural gas or oil, we help you achieve operational repeatability by providing availability, consistency and continuity.

  • Availability: An unrivaled selection of welding equipment; welding supplies; welding, cutting and calibration gases; rental equipment; safety monitoring equipment; portable power generation and lighting; and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) supplies
  • Consistency: Always access the best products and services whenever you need them. Also, through hands-on instruction, learn how to decrease rework, reduce waste and achieve consistent weld quality.
  • Continuity: Our ability to fulfill availability and consistency throughout all project phases allows you to focus on today and prepare for tomorrow. Plus, our national delivery infrastructure gives you the flexibility to source gas and supplies from multiple locations.

Our streamlined approach and industry experience help you manage risk, reduce costs and increase productivity. Keep your projects flowing smoothly and always be ready to break new ground.


Accurate and dependable: the Hydrocarbon Center of Excellence

Because measurement is everything to upstream and midstream productivity, we developed the Airgas Hydrocarbon Center of Excellence. Offering the highest levels of accuracy in output analysis (raw and processed) and an ability to reproduce the most complex blends repeatedly, we provide a wide range of standards to meet just about any challenge in the petrochemical, refining or natural gas industry. We can provide the highest-quality hydrocarbon standards anywhere in the country.


The right products and the right solutions—at the right time

An unsurpassed network of more than 1,400 locations, national telesales teams and more than 500 industry specialists makes sure you’ll find the right gases, the right equipment and the right end-to-end solution to meet your needs.


Keep things flowing

Get an uninterrupted supply of quality nitrogen, unparalleled pumping equipment and industry-leading availability.

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Weld Efficiency Analysis

Whether your operations are manual or automated, maximize efficiency with the Airgas Welding Efficiency Analysis.

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Manage gases & hardgoods with Airgas OUTLOOK® Managed Services

Eliminate waste, realize savings with a complete supply-chain solution for gases, welding and safety products that streamlines the whole management process.

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