Shopper selecting packaged meat from a refrigerated supermarket display. Shopper selecting packaged meat from a refrigerated supermarket display. Shopper selecting packaged meat from a refrigerated supermarket display.
Since you and your customers are always looking for safe ways to extend shelf life and reduce spoilage, see how our Modified Atmosphere Packaging gases, solutions and expertise can help.

Make it last longer with Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Preserve food freshness and quality using fewer preservatives with MAP solutions from Airgas, an Air Liquide company

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Reduce spoilage and extend shelf life

From the moment fresh hamburger patties are formed, pizza assembled or coffee ground, the race against time and loss of freshness begins. From that point on, natural deterioration and spoilage endanger the quality and shelf life of food products. The way your product is handled in processing, during chilling or on the packaging line is vital to its shelf life and overall quality. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) gases help you achieve your goal to decrease waste and returns.

  1. Improve shelf life and reduce spoilage
  2. Enhance product appearance and freshness
  3. Reduce preservatives and other chemicals for healthier, more natural products
  4. Comply with Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and other industry standards

A Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) solution brings more freshness to your food products so you can expand your distribution range and decrease returns.

Quality gases and gas mixing equipment suited to your food packaging needs

With more than 40 years in the food industry, Airgas provides cost-effective solutions for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), including food-grade gases customized depending on your application. Our food-grade gases comply with industry standards as well as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and purity specifications and are specially formulated for MAP applications to address shelf life requirements for a variety of food products.

Ray LaBau, Principal Applications Engineer, Food & Pharma Solutions, and International Expert

Hear from one of our experts about Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Fresh food and clean labels are key considerations for many consumers. Using a MAP application designed for your packaged food products provides a natural method to help you maintain food quality and appearance while extending shelf life without preservatives.

Ray LaBau, Principal Applications Engineer, Food and Pharma Solutions, and International Expert

Accurately blend gases used for packaging meat

On-site gas mixers for Modified Atmosphere Packaging

A row of three Airgas gas mixers. A row of three Airgas gas mixers. A row of three Airgas gas mixers.
Airgas three-gas mixer features automated calibration to a NIST-traceable calibration standard ensures FDA and GRAS compliance.

Discover what makes the Airgas three-gas mixer different

  • Meets tight tolerance requirements for food-grade gases
  • Ensures FDA and GRAS compliance with automated calibration to NIST-traceable standards
  • Accommodates multiple packaging lines with automatic flow rate adjustment from 0–8000 SCFH
  • Reduces cylinder handling, change outs and potential for run-outs
  • Saves and stores analysis and forecasting data with continuous logging of key system variables

Extend shelf life and enhance appearance of food products

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Premium food-grade gases for Modified Atmosphere Packaging in a variety of supply modes

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Process expertise tailored to address your product packaging needs

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On-site gas mixing equipment — turnkey and custom-designed systems to meet your unique needs

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Full line of safety products and PPE as well as cylinder equipment including regulators, gas detectors and accessories for safe gas handling