Multiple rows of meat patties on a food production line. Multiple rows of meat patties on a food production line. Multiple rows of meat patties on a food production line.
With increased demand for longer shelf life, better taste and safer food products, Airgas delivers the food freezing and food chilling gases, equipment and process expertise you need.

Keep it cold, fresh and delicious with cryogenic food freezing and food chilling

Maintain the cold chain with gases, equipment and expertise from Airgas, an Air Liquide company

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Optimize production and improve quality

With the increasing demand of ready-to-eat meals and innovative food products, the need to respect the cold chain to ensure food safety and reduce spoilage has never been stronger. As a food manufacturer, your processes must be flexible to continuously deliver value to your customers while preserving the nutritional quality and taste of the food you are producing. Whether you need to cryogenically freeze or chill food, a cost-effective solution for temperature control is critical to help you maximize profits through less waste and higher yields.

  1. Increase throughput and improve production flexibility
  2. Preserve taste and freshness with optimal freezing processes
  3. Ensure food product safety and efficient hygiene process
  4. Comply with industry standards, including the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

An improved process and the right application equipment adds more flexibility and increased productivity while helping you to optimize your costs associated with freezing and chilling food.

Hygienic, turnkey cryogenic equipment plus expertise for freezing and chilling food

With more than 40 years in the food industry, Airgas offers a complete package of gas solutions, equipment and process expertise for any freezing and chilling requirements to help you keep your food fresh. The cryogenic properties of our gases are ideally suited for chilling, freezing, crust-freezing, individual quick freezing (IQF) and temperature control applications.


Reduce Food Sanitation Risks with Revolutionary Cryogenic Tunnel Design

See how the industry’s most hygienic inline cryogenic food freezing tunnel expands your production capacity by up to 35%, increases process flexibility and maximizes floor space with minimal operating costs, set-up and clean-up time.


Get More Consistent Temperature Control Through the Batch

Take a look at how the industry's most advanced cryogenic temperature control technology improves your chilling productivity while its hygienic design makes cleaning operations easy.
Chuck Cory, Principal Applications Engineer, Food and Pharma Solutions for Airgas

Hear from our expert about freezing and chilling food

Each customer and application is unique and the development of new innovative cryogenic solutions to meet these needs has allowed Airgas to excel in development and design for all food and beverage applications.

Chuck Cory, Principal Applications Engineer, Food and Pharma Solutions

Protect the cold chain and preserve food quality

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Premium food-grade liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide in bulk and dry ice for freezing and chilling food, and the leading supplier of ammonia and R744 (CO2) for mechanical refrigeration systems. Learn more about the benefits of cryogenic food freezing

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State-of-the-art, turnkey cryogenic food freezing and food chilling equipment solutions for freezing and chilling food and food temperature control applications plus ongoing service, maintenance and spare parts packages for equipment. Contact us at 833-PRTS-AES I

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Process expertise tailored to address your unique production needs

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Full line of safety products and PPE use in protecting your workers in food processing facilities

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