Engaging your associates to work harder, faster and longer to get them more fully engaged simply cannot drive the long-term productivity improvements your business needs to survive—and thrive.

In the primary materials industry, you need an experienced productivity partner that can advise you on introducing sustainable improvements and processes, as well as implementing best practices across your entire organization—including procurement, inventory management and safety.

Take a smarter approach

We help increase productivity by taking a data-driven, holistic approach to reviewing, identifying and prioritizing your processes while always looking for ways to increase efficiency.

As one of the nation's leading single-source suppliers for all things gases, welding and safety, we have the process expertise to help you:

  • Lower total costs and increase production
  • Leverage customized combustion technologies for heating iron and steel
  • Train your workforce on efficient and effective processes
  • Streamline your supply-chain and procurement strategy

Look ahead

We don’t take up your time. We help to free up your capacity.

Expand your focus by consolidating suppliers. Our streamlined supply chain, application expertise, customized modes of gas delivery and safety solutions enable a diverse range of firms to direct their attention on every phase of production.
Whatever you’re producing—steel, paper, concrete or glass—we’ll deliver a constant flow of whatever you need. Our nationwide network of local industry experts, 1,100-plus locations, telesales teams and safety specialists helps you stay on schedule, on budget and always improving.

Maximize investments in equipment, personnel and inventory without increasing overhead. Team with a productivity partner that knows how to get it done.

Redefine workforce development

Don’t let procurement gaps get in the way of output or employee advancement. When it comes to building on-the-job skills, it’s the three P’s that rule the day:

  • Product availability: get everything you need, when and where you need it
  • Product consistency: having the right product for the right function improves productivity, comfort and worker safety across all your jobsites
  • Product continuity: from shovels to scissors, get the ability to fulfill product and supply availability and consistency expectations throughout your entire organization

We know the more your supply chain stays the same, the more your workforce will change, develop and grow. An informed supply chain keeps your workforce busy enhancing existing skills—and learning new ones. Access to the right product, the same product and the best product keeps production up and running.

That’s the consistency of an all-in-one supplier matched with ever-evolving solutions to help you continuously improve your workforce.

Get exactly what you need

The Airgas Engineering Solutions team has a proven track record of building the right oxygen-combustion system to meet your most demanding needs. We can help you boost productivity, lower costs, improve product quality and enhance safety with:

  • Process evaluation and optimization studies
  • Turnkey heating/combustion systems, including design, installation, testing and commissioning
  • Hardware, including flowtrains and control panels
  • Operational and safety training
  • Process optimization and continuous support

Step up and stand out

Support your personnel with efficiency-enhancing operational standards backed by interwoven safety standards. Increase your productivity levels by teaming with a workforce partner that understands what you’re up against—and knows how to deliver with smart solutions.


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