Smart Buying

In your industry, it’s not just about getting a lower price point.

Solely focusing on price reduction could help your bottom line today, but what happens tomorrow? Leading companies benefit from rich, long-term solutions that require a sustainable strategy.

You need a smart buying partner that understands your production processes and has the applications, supply-chain and expertise to help you lower the cost per ton of the materials you produce.

Be resourceful

We’re committed to adding more value to your supply chain. More simplicity. More transparency and more standardization.

As one of the nation's leading single-source suppliers of all things gases, welding and safety, we can also help you improve your organization on many levels, including:

  • Consolidating business spending
  • Inventory optimization
  • Lowering consumable usage
  • Cylinder management
  • Boosting welding process efficiency
  • Assistance with regulatory compliance with compliance and safety standards

Conserve without compromising quality

Reducing costs rules the day, but at what price? What’s the impact to the quality of your output? 

Sometimes, it’s more about getting the most out of your supplies than it is about chasing down the lowest price. We provide you with the essential “raw materials” necessary to build a supply chain that positions you to make more and do more for your customers.

Acting as a single point of accountability, we’re proactive in helping you work more efficiently, lower total costs and effectively increase production by providing:

  • Robust metrics
  • Key performance indicators
  • Superior gas blends
  • Application expertise
  • Process analysis and training
  • Flexible modes of gas delivery

Where other suppliers limit their recommendations to proprietary offerings, we offer unbiased opinions on an unrivaled range of products and services. We offer objective recommendations based on years of expertise in the following areas:

  • Process evaluations
  • Equipment sourcing
  • Custom heating and combustion equipment 
  • Installation and training
  • Ongoing service

Plus, we offer an innovative multi-channel service model that gives you many ways to evolve and grow, with our:

  • More than 1,100 locations nationwide
  • Expert account managers
  • Industry specialists
  • Dedicated telesales teams
  • Robust eProcurement platform

Discover what’s missing from your smart buying strategy by going beyond product and price. Choose a procurement partner that can help you measure and monitor your business growth and savings, and make a difference in the future of your company.


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