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Oerlikon OP 10U Submerged Arc Flux 25 kg Bag

Airgas Part #:LINW000280066

Manufacturer Part #:W000280066

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Item Details

  • OP 10U is a very fine-grained agglomerated flux for use as the backing medium in the single-sided welding process. For single-sided welding OP 10U is spread as a very thin layer of a few millimeters in thickness in the central groove of a copper backing bar which is pressed against the underside of the weld joint. After welding the slag detaches easily from the underside and the root of the weld exhibits a uniform profile. OP 10U is suitable for use with single, tandem and multi-wire welding processes. The optimized grain size in combination with the special chemical composition of OP 10U ensures that the weld metal blends smoothly and evenly into the base material and that the weld seam surface is smooth and even as well. Damp flux should be re-dried at 300-350°C Grain size according to EN-ISO 14174: 1-12.


  • EN-ISO 14174: 1-12

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» OP 10U


» 25 kg