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.035" ER70S-3/EM13K RADNOR™ P/3™ S-3 Carbon Steel MIG Wire 1000 lb 30" Tru-Trac Wood Reel

Airgas Part #:RAD64004158

Manufacturer Part #:1020106

$3.72 /US Pound
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$3,720.00 Reel 1,000 US pound / Reel
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Item Details

  • Premium grade copper-coated wire services all solid wire GMAW applications. Available in various diameters and three spool sizes. Enhanced product feedability and improved contact tip life. Excellent spatter control and bead profile.


  • The surface treatment is designed to provide smooth feeding performance
  • Copper coating provides superior arc starting characteristics, for longer contact tip life
  • Fluid puddle, good wash-in at weld toes and flat weld beads minimize defects, scrap and re-work.


  • General purpose, clean surfaces
  • Low carbon killed and semi killed steels
  • Automatic or semi-automatic welding
  • Single to multi-pass weld applications
  • Pipe welding, structural steel and steel buildings
  • Well suited for short circuit, globular and spray transfer welding

Product Attributes


» .035"

AWS Classification

» ER70S-3
» EM13K


» 1000 lb

Trade Name

» RADNOR™ P/3™ S-3

Spool Diameter

» 30"


» Tru-Trac Wood Reel