We have the right mix of programs, delivery modes and service options to keep your
CO2 supply at its best.

Choose a program to fit your needs

Monthly Keep-Full Service
  • CO2 and tank rental for one low, monthly fee
  • FREE bulk tank installation
  • CO2 monitor available
Lease Service
  • Per pound refill charge
  • Discounted yearly rate for bulk tank
  • CO2 monitor available
Product and Rental Service
  • Per pound refill charge
  • Storage vessel rental
  • CO2 monitor available
Product-Only Service
  • Refill your storage vessel

Nitro-Draught™ System

The Nitro-Draught™ system is comprised of a nitrogen gas generator which, when connected to a bulk CO2 tank, can produce full customized blends of N2 and CO2.
Whether for a local pub, stadium, winery or brewery, Nitro-Draught™ will be the perfect fit.

Designed for small pubs & restaurants
The Nitro-Draught™ 1200
  • Kegs per month – Up to 100
  • Pint/Minute – 17
  • 1-hour Keg Surge – 7
  • 5-hour Keg Surge – 11
Full service restaurants/draft houses
The Nitro-Draught™ PRO
  • Kegs per month – Up to 200
  • Pint/Minute – 19
  • 1-hour Keg Surge – 8
  • 5-hour Keg Surge – 16
Easily handle brewery/stadium needs
The Nitro-Draught™ MAX
  • Kegs per month – Up to 450
  • Pint/Minute – 36
  • 1-hour Keg Surge – 16
  • 5-hour Keg Surge – 35

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