High-Purity Breathing Air Services

Breathe easy with one source and complete strategies.

Airgas On-Site Safety Services provides a single, complete resource for all high-purity breathing air services.

In addition, all equipment we can supply includes safety training for work processes, fit testing, and usage training and maintenance. Our wide range of services includes:


Mobile air compressor trailers

  • High-purity grade “D” breathing air on site
  • High-pressure and low-pressure systems
  • Air flow cubic feet per minute (CFM) for all needs
  • State-of-the-art filtering systems
  • Eliminate difficult lifting and moving of heavy cylinders


  • Air line respirator cascade systems supply breathing for prolonged periods in hazardous atmospheres, including immediately dangerous to life or immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH) conditions
  • Advanced filtering systems for refilling cylinders on or off site

Portable air trailers

  • Jumbo tube trailers (up to 147,000 cubic feet) provide high-volume capacity to reduce changeovers
  • Mobile compressed high-purity grade “D” breathing air eliminates downtime due to compressor failure or insufficient air supply


Flexible air options: greater mobility for business flexibility

Supplied air, HP regulators and manifolds support a safer, more comfortable working environment. Options include:



  • Block manifolds provide reliable high-purity breathing air to supplied-air respirators—permitting multiple workers to work from various locations
  • High-pressure manifold systems permit up to eight workers to connect supplied-air hoses and work in a central location
  • Star manifold
  • Light and convenient high-purity breathing air manifold permits up to five workers to connect individual breathing-air hoses to a central location

Supplied air

  • Supplemental breathing air offers safer working conditions for prolonged periods in hazardous atmospheres, including immediately dangerous to life (IDHL). Breathing air supplied through lengths of low-pressure hose connected to one or more compressed air supply cylinders or to a fixed air-supply system

HP regulators

  • Advanced systems reduce high-pressure supply to low-pressure supply for safer operating conditions (in pressure ranges as low as 0 – 0.5 PSIG or as high as 0 – 6000 PSIG)

On-Site monitoring and breathing air services for greater efficiency

Have Airgas On-Site Safety Services mobile-trailer monitoring and breathing-air services come right to your job site. Our “field office” helps to reduce downtime while providing highly trained safety specialists to monitor and service your safety needs.


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