Your need for a consistent influx of supplies is underscored with each car that pulls into your service center.

With every customer expecting your best, why would you expect anything less from a supplier? Go with a proven, reliable supplier that will help you deliver exceptional service without any hiccups, no matter where you are. Go with Airgas, an Air Liquide company.

Keep things rolling with consistent quality

As one of the nation's leading single-source suppliers for all things gases, welding and safety, we can get you what you need to finish some of your toughest jobs and refine diagnostic testing, while also helping you keep your employees safe with product application and safety expertise. Our national network, backed by a diverse and deep product offering, provides you with a smart supply partner that can continuously deliver the same quality to any of your locations. You'll get superior gas blends, welding/cutting equipment & supplies, gas handling equipment and safety gear—along with application expertise on how to optimize arc-on time and reduce gas usage.

We also provide quality gas blends for calibration and tire filling—and even helium for promotional balloons. We can reduce the challenges of keeping your emissions programs in compliance with new regulations, including those involving the calibration of your mobile emissions test equipment. And, our Airgas diesel exhaust fluid will help maximize the efficiency of newer diesel engines—leading to customer savings and fuel savings on any of your diesel tow trucks. A full range of gas handling equipment is available as well, including gas pressure regulators, gas delivery systems and cylinder accessories.

Shift into higher gear for safety

We can help make everyday safety a reality at your automotive centers. Besides offering expertise on safe cylinder handling and maintenance and safe welding techniques, we have you covered with the safety products and training you need to get new staff up to speed quickly. And, with more than 30,000 products and skilled staff versed in EPA guidelines and other regulatory controls, Airgas makes all your compliance priorities our own.

Find the right products and the right solutions—at the right time

We're always looking for ways to bring more economy and efficacy to your supply chain. We've developed customized online tools for purchasing and inventory management that prevent redundancies in paperwork. Automatic filling can keep associates dealing with customers rather than worrying about supplies. This is all matched by a multi-channel customer service model that includes:

  • More than 1,100 locations nationwide
  • Expert account managers
  • Industry specialists
  • Dedicated telesales team
  • Robust eProcurement platform

With Airgas, all your locations benefit by getting the right products and tools for the right job, as you need them. In addition to consistency in quality, all of your associates benefit from application expertise that is directly tied to safety. Partnering with Airgas removes many of your supply-chain hassles while also tightening on-the-job processes. With less time spent worrying about inventory, your associates are able to dedicate more time to customers.

Supply Chain Solutions

Get visibility, control and savings

Are you ready? Improve your procurement process, gain visibility and control of inventory, increase safety and productivity, and lower your overall costs.

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Packaged Gas Supply

Get your gases from a supplier that’s everywhere

Increase supply-chain efficiency with the convenience and expertise of Airgas packaged gas supply.

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Digital Integration

Connect savings & convenience with the Airgas eProcurement Platform

Simplify your purchase-to-pay process by integrating your procurement software or ERP system with a solution that maximizes workflow.

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