Food, Beverage & Retail

Quality is king. And your success depends on your ability to deliver quality products at the right price.

That’s the case whether you’re in food processing, bottling or dispensing. The same holds true for auto shops, grocers and anyone dealing with party suppliers that need helium to thrive.

Giving your customers what they want while keeping costs under control is always a balancing act. One that requires having a trusted partner with a steady hand.

Count on a nationwide network

From brewers and bottlers to food manufacturers and restaurants to grocery stores and gift shops—even automotive repair—we have the products, services and expertise to help you improve your business and your bottom line.

With our nationwide process for supplying, distributing, and handling food- and beverage-grade gases, you can count on us to be your single source supplier offering you the right mix of gases you need–whenever and wherever you need them–along with the proper product and safety consultation. We can get you the expertise and products you need for repairs, as well as solutions that improve fleet fuel efficiency. Expect the best for your business. Expect Airgas to be there.


Grow-out your business

Poise yourself for greater success by getting everything you need for gases, welding, and safety to ensure a consistently fresh approach—and peak freshness—for all the food you’re bringing to market, from start to finish.


Let all your beverages shine

Let your flavors sing the right notes every time with a supplier that can consistently get you the right gas blends—without damaging contaminants. From breweries, wineries, bottlers, and dispensers, get the right gases and refrigerants along with the right applications to ensure optimal results.


Don’t spoil a fine product

Selecting Airgas for all your refrigeration needs helps safeguard freshness. In addition to refrigerant gases, we help make sure nothing goes south by also providing beverage carbonation, safety products and application expertise.


The sky is the limit

As the nation’s largest supplier of helium to florist shops, gift stores and party supply stores, Airgas has the unique sourcing, competitive pricing, expert delivery and gas expertise you need to keep your business on the rise.


Everything you need under one hood

You can count on Airgas, an Air Liquide company, to keep your auto service center up and running with a wide variety of gases, welding and safety products. We’ve got what you need for welding, cutting, calibration, tire filling, refrigerants and diesel exhaust fluid.


Worry less with traceable, dedicated cylinders

When it comes to food and beverage quality and safety, we provide traceable, dedicated cylinders that erase cross-contamination worries–so you can focus on your business goals. What’s more, we also have standard handling and safety procedures so you’ll be ready in the unlikely event of a product recall. Just one more thing to cross off your worry list.

Select from more mixtures, more sizes, more locations

In your industry, no two businesses are the same. So you need maximum flexibility and selection from your supplier of choice. Airgas fits the bill, offering:

  • A single, reliable source for all of your beverage CO2 and N2 needs
  • Airgas refrigerants, designed to keep your products fresh from farm to table
  • Airgas cryogens and dry ice, including nitrogen and carbon dioxide, in quantities scaled to your process and budget
  • Cylinders in a wide variety of pure or blended food-grade gases for customizability
  • Food-grade gases in MicroBulk or bulk quantities for maximum scalability
  • Expertise to find the right mixture levels to optimize your products
  • Custom freezing and chilling equipment
  • Consultation for on-site gas mixing systems to find the most cost-effective solution for your business


Choose a flexible delivery system

Airgas will evaluate gas usage and needs to determine the most efficient and cost-effective supply mode. We have the flexibility to grow and adapt to your changing gas supply needs. We offer:

  • Cylinders (available in a wide variety of sizes)
  • Bulk gas delivery in tank trailers; installation of on-site bulk storage tanks
  • Bulk gas delivery in tube trailers; installation of on-site ground storage tubes
  • MicroBulk gas delivery; installation of on-site MicroBulk storage tanks


Tie all your processes to safety

Besides interweaving safety into our product applications, we also offer a deep inventory of safety products along with onsite safety services that provide increased workforce protection for everything from everyday tasks to plant turnarounds and site repairs.


Find the right products and the right solutions–at the right time

An unrivaled national network of more than 1,100 locations, expert account managers, industry specialists, a dedicated telesales team and a robust eProcurement platform makes sure you’ll find the right gases, the right equipment and the right end-to-end supply-chain solution to meet your needs.

Inventory Management

Manage gases & hardgoods with Airgas OUTLOOK® Managed Services

Eliminate waste, realize savings with a complete supply-chain solution for gases, welding and safety products that streamlines the whole management process.

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Packaged Gas Supply

Get your gases from a supplier that’s everywhere

Increase supply-chain efficiency with the convenience and expertise of Airgas packaged gas supply.

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Digital Integration

Connect savings & convenience with the Airgas eProcurement Platform

Simplify your purchase-to-pay process by integrating your procurement software or ERP system with a solution that maximizes workflow.

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