Carbon Dioxide

What is Carbon Dioxide?

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a nonflammable, colorless, odorless gas. Found in air at concentrations of about 0.03%, carbon dioxide may exist simultaneously as a solid, liquid and gas.

Purchase High-quality Carbon Dioxide Gas Or Liquid Carbon Dioxide

We offer compressed and liquid CO2 in various grades specific to different applications such as:
• Beverage-grade CO2 for brewers & winemakers
CO2 based refrigerants for food manufacturing
• Treating process water for concrete and pulp and paper industries
• Liquid CO2 for research & pharmaceutical labs
• CO2 injection for oil recovery
• Dry ice (solid CO2 pellets) for cleaning and media blasting
• A stunning gas for livestock
• A welding shielding gas

Industrial Applications

Our beverage-grade CO2 and a reliable supply chain helps customers maintain peak freshness in their products while avoiding contamination. We know that purity matters when finishing bottled beverages or capping brewing or wine production.

Food Manufacturing
Airgas liquid CO2 is used in with our chilling and freezing systems to maintain product quality by preventing spoilage or aging en route to your customers. We also offer a fast and easy way to clean equipment without leaving anything behind. (See ColdJet® Dry Ice Blasting).

Process Water pH Control
A cleaner, safer alternative to sulfuric acid, CO2 is commonly used in the concrete and pulp and paper industries to effectively treat process water. It’s cost-effective, environmentally friendly and helps water to meet EPA limits for pH and Total Suspended Solids (TSS).

Manufacturing & Metal Fabrication
Mixed with argon, CO2 is used as a shielding gas to prevent the contamination of the molten weld metal.

Life Sciences
Supercritical (SFC) grade CO2 minimizes critical impurities that influence SFC performanc. SFE grade CO2 is also available for component extraction.

Vital to enhanced oil recovery, CO2 dissolves in oil to lower its viscosity and improve its flow rate.

Supply Modes

High-pressure & Liquid Cylinders
We have 10 million cylinders and approximately 300 high-pressure cylinder-fill plants. Airgas continuously meets supply needs in welding, shielding and cutting gas with compressed CO2 gas and CO2 liquid cylinders.

When customers have outgrown cylinders, Airgas MicroBulk Services offer gas supply solutions that save time and storage space. Airgas MicroBulk Services can help customers save money by lowering gas use and gas waste.

Bulk Deliveries
We keep our customers in constant supply with a distribution infrastructure that features 16 air-separation units, more than 60 bulk-gas specialists and more than 14,500 bulk tanks.

Supply Chain Solutions

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