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A mounted exterior MicroBulk gas tanks. A mounted exterior MicroBulk gas tanks. A mounted exterior MicroBulk gas tanks.
Airgas MicroBulk offers you a wide range of benefits, including uninterrupted supply, more savings and fewer administrative obligations.

Simplify your operation with MicroBulk from Airgas, an Air Liquide company

MicroBulk supply from Airgas provides the same efficiencies as our bulk gas supply but for smaller volumes of liquid gases such as argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen.

Your compact bulk supply source for medium gas consumption

If you use more than 20 cylinders per month or require less than 150,000 SCF per month, MicroBulk is a cost-effective packaging option for argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen. Reimagine your gas supply and reach your goals with MicroBulk gas and storage solutions from Airgas — available via our large national footprint. Plus count on our technical expertise in gas processes and equipment to help you improve production, increase profitability and drive efficiency right in your facility.

What are your challenges?

Get your gas delivered, connected and ready for the first fill — all on the same day

MicroBulk provides reliable gas supply that is filled right on your site, so you get consistent and constant supply with minimal gas waste. This means contamination risks are reduced with one constant gas supply, not to mention inventory management is simplified as well. Airgas MicroBulk experts can help you prepare for your transition starting with a site survey and evaluation of your current usage. Let us help design and install a MicroBulk system that improves gas management, enhances your profitability, saves time and labor, decreases machine downtime, and eliminates material and product loss.

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CO2 in MicroBulk for carbonation
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It's more than just a tank

MicroBulk can help you improve safety while freeing up valuable floor space on your site. When you eliminate cylinder handling, you also eliminate the headache of managing cylinder inventory while reducing the number of gas deliveries needed — this has both efficiency and sustainable benefits in addition to the following:

  • Improve safety
  • Increase reliability
  • Enhance facility OpEx and profitability

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CO2 in MicroBulk for carbonation
Visit Airgas National Carbonation

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Hear from one of our experts

With MicroBulk by Airgas, you will benefit from automated, peace‑of‑mind gas supply while greatly reducing the hassles of cylinder handling and floor space requirements.

Stephen Bilger, Director of Process Improvement and Special Projects — ALTEC Engineering Solutions

Convert gas volumes quickly and easily

Select your gas. Then enter a number in any field to automatically calculate the remaining units of measure (UoM).

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Download Converting Units of Measure for Gas PDF

Please note:
Cubic Feet (scf): Gas measured at 1 atmosphere and 70°F
Cubic Meters (nm3): Gas measured at 1 atmosphere and O°C
For N2, O2, Ar and H2: Liquid measured at 1 atmosphere and boiling temperature
For CO2: Liquid measured at 21.42 atmosphere and 1.7°F
All calculations display up to the fourth decimal point