An Airgas technician safety handles a packaged gas cylinder. An Airgas technician safety handles a packaged gas cylinder. An Airgas technician safety handles a packaged gas cylinder.
The jobsite skid is a portable welding skid that allows you to enjoy a reliable supply of welding gas on the jobsite.

Increase efficiency and mobility with the jobsite skid from Airgas, an Air Liquide company

This high-output, portable welding skid lets you move and use ARCAL™ and other welding gases almost anywhere on your jobsite, so you never run out.

Manage welding gas supply on the jobsite

On a busy jobsite, moving large volumes of welding gases around can be complicated but necessary to meet deadlines and keep your project on schedule. There’s no time to run out of welding gases or worry about gas quality and compliance standards. You also need to be sure you’re operating efficiently, keeping your team safe and maintaining the overall budget. The right supplier offers you a solution that helps you balance all of these priorities along with the support of an experienced team and convenient options.

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Find out how to move welding gases wherever & whenever you need them on your jobsite — fast.

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Airgas Dynamic On-site Mixer
for consistently mixed gases

Ensure a reliable supply of gases for any size project

The jobsite skid from Airgas is a high-output, portable welding skid equipped with a MicroBulk gas delivery system that produces ARCAL™ and premium-grade welding gases almost anywhere on your jobsite. It's delivered right to your construction or job site and ready to use within hours — getting your operation up and running days faster than before. Available in either a single or dual unit, the jobsite skid is a flexible solution for high-output gas delivery. The single skid is great for applications requiring pure argon and is Department of Transportation (DOT) rated allowing it to be transported to a fill plant for filling. The dual skid is configured to accommodate applications that require a blended gas solution. It’s also equipped with Airgas’ proprietary Dynamic On-site Mixer (DOM) that produces premium ARCAL mixes that meet AWS A5.32 and ISO 14175 standards. Whatever your needs, Airgas can provide a construction skid that supplies the welding gases you need on your jobsite.

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Airgas Dynamic On-site Mixer for consistently mixed gases

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