An Airgas technician safely handles a packaged gas cylinder. An Airgas technician safely handles a packaged gas cylinder. An Airgas technician safely handles a packaged gas cylinder.
When it comes to safely handling gases or producing better welds, leverage Airgas training to keep your team protected and your operation compliant, effective and productive.

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Access the tools you need to make the most of our products and your process. Our training services and other programs can help you comply with regulatory requirements while you keep your
team safe.

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Compressed gas safety

Check out our three-part eBook series designed to help you and your team improve safety when working with compressed gases. Click the links below to unlock the series.

Automated welder welding in a tight space
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Additional resources for your team

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More safety training

Our team of 60+ QSSP- and OSHA 30-certified safety specialists can provide various safety training opportunities and assessments for your site and your staff. Find out more about the programs we offer to help you protect the team working on your site.

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Transform your welding process and your workforce

Get an unparalleled look into your operation and workforce with a Welding Efficiency Analysis™, including the ability to measure current processes, identify areas for improvement and track progress and compare results.

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Through our Unlocking the Hidden Cost of Welding™ program, you and your welding workforce will discover the impact quality standards have on productivity and profits. Learn how labor impacts welding costs. See the effects of gas and other weld parameters on penetration. Uncover ways to trim 20 percent or more from your operating budget (with little or no capital investments).

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