Learn more about what separates a collaborative robot or COBOT from traditional automation: easy and quick programming, increased output of high quality welds, and much more.

Automate your processes to gain greater efficiencies

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Up your production game with automation

With a constant need to produce more and to do it faster while also facing the reality of a shrinking labor force, you need to leverage tools that will help you compete. Whether it’s freeing up your employees from spending time on repetitive tasks so they can focus on jobs that require more skill, improving employee safety or creating the ability to keep production going 24/7, finding the right robotic welding or cutting automation solution can help you meet your goals. And with so much to consider, you’ll want the expertise of a supplier who can guide you along your journey to produce more parts — better, faster and safer.

What are your challenges?

White Paper: 8 Reasons Most
Welding Automation Projects Fail

Leverage our expertise to create a turnkey automation experience

Airgas Advanced Fabrication experts work closely with you to identify your unique production challenges and help you choose the welding or cutting automation solution that best meets the needs of your business. We have strong relationships with a wide range of robotic welding and cutting automation equipment manufacturers allowing us to really bring the best-matched pieces into the consideration set. Our offer includes much more than just selling a piece of equipment though. Our team is skilled in all areas from engineering and design to installation, training and service. In addition, our comprehensive and systematic Unlocking the Hidden Cost of Welding™ program is designed to help you monitor and continuously improve so you remain competitive in the marketplace. No matter what you need or where you are on the automation path, we can help you get started or take the next step to evolve your current automation program.

Automated welder welding in a tight space
White Paper: 8 Reasons Most Welding Automation Projects Fail
Bill Pharmer, an Airgas expert

Hear from one of our Advanced Fabrication experts

Automation, when done correctly, allows you to precisely control inputs and consistently achieve a high degree of quality. Driving this quality increases productivity and lowers your costs.

Bill Pharmer, Director — Automation and Welding Solutions

“Like many metal fabricators in a highly competitive environment, you need more than just a reliable supplier for all your metal fabrication needs. As an Airgas customer and with our Advanced Fabrication experts focusing on improvements to your process, you can achieve sustainable cost savings making your business more competitive and profitable.”

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What You Need to Know About Implementing Automation

Bill Pharmer, Director — Automation and Welding Solutions

If you’re not implementing the right welding automation solutions, you could be increasing costs while decreasing production and quality. Find out how to avoid common mistakes.

Cobotic Welding versus Traditional Automation

Bobbi Jo Matheny, BotX™ Product Specialist, Red-D-Arc

Learn why cobotic collaborative welding can do more for you than traditional automation by improving quality and safety while decreasing costs — no matter the size of your welding operation.

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