Whether you have hundreds, thousands or millions of mouths to feed every day, the faster and safer you can do it, the even more successful you are.

Any potential interruption due to supply, equipment maintenance or contamination puts a lot at risk.

Having what you need when you need it is the key to eliminating preventable supply interruptions. A consistent supply chain frees you up to deal with many other facets of your business.

And while there’s no such thing as 100 percent certainty in food production or bottling, there are proactive solutions to help you manage the unexpected.


Grow your business, but stay lean

We know the last thing you want is for one of your plants to say they don’t have what they need to stay up and running.

As the industry’s leading national single-source supplier of gases, welding and safety products, we have the expertise, inventory and services to help you produce more–faster, safer and smarter.

With Airgas as your productivity partner, you’ll have time to focus on what really matters. Whether it’s grow-out, processing, packaging or distribution, we can help you increase productivity by providing availability, consistency and continuity.

  • Availability: An unrivaled selection of products for gases, welding and safety as well as freezing equipment and advanced cleaning options
  • Consistency: Access the best products and services whenever you need them
  • Continuity: Our national distribution network gives you the ability to serve multiple locations and the flexibility to source supply, equipment and gases from multiple locations

Our streamlined approach and industry expertise help you manage risk, reduce costs and increase productivity.


Expand your grow-out operations

Now you can turn to one source for the critical products used every day by crop and livestock grow-out producers, including:

  • Welding equipment and supplies for maintenance and repairs
  • Safety products and services
  • Propane for forklifts and heating
  • CO2 for stunning poultry and hogs

Get your products to market

As the nation’s leading providers of dry ice and refrigerants, we help you get your products to market quickly, efficiently and with the quality needed to secure the best price.


Improve shelf life, reduce spoilage

While many companies can offer separate pieces to help solve your food freezing and cooling challenges, only one can provide a complete custom solution.

  • Bulk cryogen tanks (nitrogen or CO2) sized for best overall economy
  • ChillRight™ Coolers and FreezeRight™ Freezers (tunnel, spiral, cabinet and immersion)
  • Custom piping engineered for your process and budget
  • Exhaust systems built to maximize efficiency

Our customized equipment from Airgas Engineering Solutions reduces dehydration, maintains product quality, improves overall package appeal and maximizes your profits through less waste and fewer returns.

We offer the total solution for cost-effective food freezing and cooling—specialized process equipment, liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide, engineering expertise, on-site assistance and ongoing technical support.

By engineering the right solutions, we bring out the very best in any food, including:

  • Meat and poultry
  • Seafood
  • Fruits, vegetables, bakery products
  • Ready-to-eat meals
  • Specialty foods

We also provide the total solution for cost-effective Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) from using the right food-grade gases and mixtures to on-site assistance and ongoing technical support.


Pour it on with Airgas Carbonic

An uninterrupted supply of high-quality bulk liquid CO2 gives you a competitive advantage, as well as on-target productivity levels and delivery schedules.

As one of the nation’s largest manufacturers and distributors of bulk liquid CO2, Airgas Carbonic offers supply-chain excellence that virtually eliminates gas-related production shortages. Plus, continuous monitoring and food-grade gas protocols assure that our liquid CO2 is produced to meet your most stringent specifications for quality and traceability.

For insight into best practices administering liquid CO2 during the manufacturing process (piping to point of use), our advanced applications engineering staff stands ready to provide you with custom solutions.

Make a clean break with MRO

You spend considerable resources on processing equipment that has to be hygienically perfect. That means any weld you make has to provide structural integrity and eliminate the risk of contamination.

Having the right products for maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) minimizes downtime, maintains production schedules and improves operating profits. Keep your equipment and production lines in top condition with the country’s leading supplier of welding and cutting gases, equipment and supplies. 

And when it comes to keeping your equipment clean, ColdJet® Dry Ice Blasting from Airgas provides a revolutionary approach that takes productivity levels into consideration. Using Airgas dry ice and ColdJet equipment, you easily lift surface contaminants without damaging substrates.  And, there’s no harmful solvents or cleaners needed.

Water Treatment

Control pH levels more safely with clean CO2

Effectively treat your process water with an acid-free solution from one of the nation's leading CO2 providers.

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Increase shelf life with ChillRight™ & FreezeRight™

Improve product quality and enhance safety with custom-built freezing and cooling systems for your unique food processing and storage needs.

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Digital Integration

Connect savings & convenience with the Airgas eProcurement Platform

Simplify your purchase-to-pay process by integrating your procurement software or ERP system with a solution that maximizes workflow.

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