Smart Buying

Whether you’re in grow out, processing or distribution, saving money and consolidating vendors is always good.

In your business, however, that’s the least you should expect from your supply partners. With so many suppliers, what separates one from another?

Product depth and price are good places to start, but have you considered:

  • If they offer innovative ways to increase productivity?
  • If they have a national network to serve multiple sites?
  • If they can help you with FDA, USDA and OSHA compliance?
  • If they have supply redundancies to eliminate supply shortages?

Making an informed buying decision today that still looks good three years later requires a procurement partner that delivers added value throughout your organization.


Be resourceful

We’re committed to adding more value to your supply chain. More simplicity. More transparency. And more standardization.

As one of the nation's leading single-source suppliers of all things gases, welding and safety, we can also help improve your organization on many levels, including:

  • Reducing costs by consolidating suppliers
  • Managing inventory more effectively
  • Lowering consumable usage while improving product quality
  • Boosting welding efficiency and productivity
  • Advising on OSHA, FDA and USDA compliance
  • Improving freezing, chilling and packaging process

Managing multiple suppliers distracts you from core tasks, complicates your supply chain and leads to inefficient operations. Acting as a single point of accountability, we help simplify and standardize your operation by providing:

  • Key performance indicators
  • Superior gas blends for packaging
  • Expertise in refrigeration supply and recycling
  • MRO equipment and application expertise
  • Custom equipment solutions
  • Safety protocols for food- and beverage-grade gases

Plus, we offer an innovative multi-channel service model that gives you many ways to find it with us, including:

  • More than 1,100 locations nationwide
  • Expert account managers
  • Industry specialists
  • Dedicated telesales teams
  • Robust eProcurement platform

Go beyond typical purchasing strategies

Successful food manufacturers and bottlers look to procurement to unlock value through innovation. Companies whose supply chains support innovation enjoy greater autonomy and higher year-over-year hard savings.

Yet your procurement strategy is only as effective as your supply partners—and their ability to execute on your implementation goals.

Extend your impact

When it comes to innovation through purchasing, we consistently deliver.

As the industry’s leading single-source provider of gases, welding and safety products, we understand how procurement can positively impact many aspects of an organization, including:

  • Productivity
  • Supply optimization
  • Competitive advantage
  • Safety and regulatory compliance

Exceed your expectations

We can also assist your efforts to increase capacity in production and distribution by providing technical expertise in the following areas:

  • Total customized freezing/chilling solutions – specialized process equipment, liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide, engineering expertise, on-site assistance and ongoing technical support
  • Food-grade gas standards –formalized production and recall procedures provide high-quality, traceable gases for all of your food needs, including carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, argon and nitrous oxide
  • Fleet management – Airgas AiRx Diesel Exhaust Fluid maximizes the efficiency of your newer diesel engines
  • Equipment cleaning – ColdJet® dry ice blasting easily lifts surface contaminants without harmful solvents and without damaging substrates

Airgas is also the nation’s leading provider of dry ice and refrigerants. Plus, our ability to source liquid nitrogen, liquid CO2 and dry ice from a national network of filling plants means you never have to worry about gas supply interruptions.

Our cylinders come in a wide variety of pure or mixed food-grade gases. Nationally, we can supply you with food-grade gas in MicroBulk or bulk quantities.

Airgas helps you better manage today’s supply-chain challenges and be better positioned for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Water Treatment

Control pH levels more safely with clean CO2

Effectively treat your process water with an acid-free solution from one of the nation's leading CO2 providers.

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Increase shelf life with ChillRight™ & FreezeRight™

Improve product quality and enhance safety with custom-built freezing and cooling systems for your unique food processing and storage needs.

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Digital Integration

Connect savings & convenience with the Airgas eProcurement Platform

Simplify your purchase-to-pay process by integrating your procurement software or ERP system with a solution that maximizes workflow.

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