Don’t tax yourself trying to be a procurement manager and a safety czar when you can outsource to a safety leader.

The stakes for maintaining strict occupational safety and health standards are high, especially for companies facing potential hazards on a daily basis. Murphy’s Law looms larger for big companies with complex supply chains. And when utilizing a diversified supply chain, the best procurement managers strive to meet and exceed regulations while also unifying safety training.

Safety isn’t something you should have to chance or chase.

Smart safety partners know drawing up safety protocols and SOPs can be taxing and time consuming. And that’s before you even factor in oversight. It’s also not hard to see that, even in the most benign ways, the demands of meeting performance metrics can distract time and resources dedicated to safety.


Provide a comprehensive supply-chain solution to safety

When it comes to gases and welding, we can help you achieve a complete focus that delivers across-the-board safety standardization.

By combining welding and safety products with our training expertise and resources, we can help you elevate your clients’ supply chain while effectively integrating exemplary safety standards.

We provide high-quality gases and welding products along with the requisite product training, site supervision, monitoring and safety equipment to a broad range of companies in multiple industries, including:

Never start from scratch

Airgas builds safety from the ground up, starting with our smart approach to supply-chain management and a meticulous look at clients’ operations. Having the right products for the right job, along with consulting and oversight on proper application, helps you drive both proficiency and the well-being of your workforce. On-site inventory management of cylinders, welding equipment, safety gear and MRO supplies lowers potential risks, which gives your clients and their employees the freedom to go about their work without worry.


Another layer in our commitment to safety

Our approach to assuring employee well-being is two-tiered. As with overseeing proper product application, it all starts with a solid plan. And again, it ties back to supply-chain efficiencies that improve production outputs and cost savings.

In offering pre-turnaround planning and turnaround supervision as part of our many offerings, we lay the groundwork for focused and efficient efforts. No redundancies in process equals no duplication of operations that carry safety risks. Limited exposure time via the best plan of attack means downtime is minimized along with employee risk.

We layer on the necessary safety measures and safety product applications tailored to the circumstances of each specific project. And to us, safety is more than a one-off exchange with your clients. As a supply-chain partner, we’re continuously proactive about safety. How will your clients know? With on-site safety coordination and monitoring for tough jobs, they could see us all the time. We not only provide high-purity supplemental breathing air—we frequently check the compressors, filters, tanks, regulators and respirators so clients’ employees can do their jobs free of worry.  

We also provide the following safety and personal protective equipment:

Partnering with Airgas allows your clients a unique opportunity. They’ll benefit from a unified supply chain that not only eliminates waste and inefficiencies, but also delivers consistency in safety training and products—all backed by an industry leader. We share a pervasive sense of safety culture that is inherent to the innovative procurement efficiencies we bring to the table. Inventory tracking and the elimination of excessive paperwork free your clients up to focus on the task at hand. Inventory optimization, consulting, safety training and oversight make sure you get the best results.

As procurement manager, impress your clients by tapping into an all-in-one supply chain through Airgas that comes with safety embedded in its DNA.

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