Dry Ice Blasting

worker cleaning a ship hull by blasting with dry ice

Truly clean

Choose Airgas Dry Ice for the best in dry ice blasting

Safer and cleaner than other popular blasting methods, dry ice blasting is a highly effective method for removing unwanted materials from equipment and surfaces. But not all blasting machines and pellet providers are the same. That’s why Airgas Dry Ice has built the infrastructure to support your product needs along with the strategic relationships to provide a complete dry ice blasting offering.

Why clean with dry ice blasting?

Instead of using abrasive media to grind and potentially damage a surface, dry ice cleaning uses dry ice accelerated at supersonic speeds, creating “mini-explosions” that lift the undesirable item off the surface. Common applications:

  • Food and beverage equipment cleaning
  • Disaster remediation
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Historical conservation & preservation

Why choose Airgas Dry Ice for blasting? Because you need dry ice that’s:

Clean and safe

  • Our dry ice meets and/or exceeds Compressed Gas Association (CGA) standard specifications
  • Our metal-detection process helps identify potential contaminants
  • Airgas Dry Ice consistently produces a food-grade product that meets or exceeds the provisions of FDA requirements in 21 CFR 110
  • Our high-density cryo pellets are produced using Cold Jet® machines and packaged to their stringent specifications

Superior to other cleaning methods

  • Cleaning with Airgas Dry Ice meets FDA guidelines
  • Our dry ice can get into tight spaces that many other methods can’t
  • Since the dry ice sublimates, the only thing left to clean up afterwards is what’s been removed from the surface

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worker cleaning a monument by blasting with dry ice

Manufactured to Cold Jet® standards

  • We utilize state-of-the-art pelletizers manufactured by Cold Jet® to ensure the pellet is optimal in both quality and density, and compatible with their line of blasting machines
  • Our blasting pellets are packaged to Cold Jet’s stringent standards
  • Red-D-Arc® and Cold Jet have partnered to provide the best rental dry ice blasting machine on the market

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