Industrial Gases

Our national network offers industrial gas products as diverse as the industries we serve. Take advantage of attractive economies of scale and proven delivery systems for every industrial gas application and location.

Industrial Gas Products

  • Acetylene
  • Argon
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Helium
  • HPG Fuel Gas
  • Hydrogen
  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Propane
  • Propylene
  • Welding Shielding Gases
    • SteelMIX® Extra for steel and automation processes
    • SteelMIX® 3—a low-energy mix for sheet metal and thin gauge steel
    • SteelMIX® will spray transfer and outperform traditional C25
    • StainMIX® 3—is the perfect three-part mix for stainless steel
    • StainMIX®—a versatile two-component pulse gas
    • StainMIX® TIG for all 300-grade Austenetic stainless TIG applications
    • AluMIX® for all aluminum applications on 1/8” and thicker aluminum