Cryogenic Rubber Deflashing

When your molds are producing parts with excess material, cryogenic deflashing can be a cost-effective removal solution.

Take the edge off with a system equipped for efficiency and high quality. Whether you’re producing small batches or huge loads, Airgas, an Air Liquide company, has a machine suited for your needs and the reliable gas supply to match.

As your single source for packaged gases, gas equipment and application expertise, we’ve got everything your cryogenic deflashing operation needs:

  • Reliable liquid nitrogen and CO2 supply
  • Efficient cryogenic tumblers and shot blasters
  • On-site start-up assistance
  • Safety training and products
  • Ongoing technical support

Choose the right machine to suit your needs

We offer cryogenic deflashers in various styles and sizes to meet a variety of volume requirements. While varying in capacity, all models share select features and benefits, including:

  • Fully enclosed and insolated cabinetry to reduce noise and frost build-up
  • Interlocking door seals for media and nitrogen retention
  • Separators located at ground level for easy access and minimal freeze-up
  • Low-speed, high-volume transfer augers for high flow of media and minimal freeze-up
  • Stainless steel throw wheels for long life and reduced maintenance
  • Clean exhaust system for safe nitrogen or CO2 ventilation and reduced media loss

Models include:

1.0-cu. ft. CSSB Cryogenic Basket Deflasher
Our most economical model features a small basket ideal for applications where smaller production rates are required.

2.0-cu. ft. CMSB Cryogenic Basket Deflasher
Our most versatile deflasher, this model is capable of deflashing a wide variety of parts and can be automated to reduce labor.

4.0-cu. ft. CMB Cryogenic Basket Deflasher
A higher-volume deflasher, the 4-cu. ft. basket is ideal for larger production runs and can be automated to reduce labor and material handling costs.

6.0-cu. ft. CBD Cryogenic Belt Deflasher
This high-capacity mill-belt style deflasher can handle batches of up to 100 pounds per cycle and can be automated to reduce labor and material handling costs. And for added durability, it uses a rod-reinforced stainless steel mill belt to support and tumble large loads of parts.

Cryogenic Tumblers
These high-production units are available in two standard sizes (6.0-cu. ft. and 12-cu. ft.) for deflashing parts primarily where O.D. flash is present.


A reliable deflashing system is the key to higher-quality parts. Open the door to better production by choosing the right machine—backed by the right supplier.