Airgas Engineering Solutions Overview

In addition to being one of the nation’s leading suppliers of gases, welding and safety products, Airgas provides comprehensive engineering solutions to optimize your processes in a variety of different fields.

Whether you’re looking to lower the gas consumption of your heat-treating operation or seamlessly integrate your laboratory design with a custom gas system, our engineering experts can help you streamline your project from start to finish. And with more than 1,100 locations nationwide, a robust product offering and reliable technical support, our services don’t stop with your project’s completion. We’ve got the resources to keep you going for the long haul.

Learn more about the projects and applications we support to bring value to your operation.

Food Freezing and Cooling Solutions

Airgas engineers provide custom cryogenic freezing and cooling equipment for food production. From FreezeRight™ freezers to ChillRight™ combo coolers and box chillers, we make sure your production line is efficient and cost effective. We also engineer the right gas solutions—liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide—tailored to your specific needs. We install, setup, fine tune and perform maintenance on the specialized process equipment we offer. Purchasing and leasing options are available for the total solution in food freezing and cooling that we provide.

Heat Treatment

Lower gas consumption and improved product quality: These are just a few of the benefits of working with Airgas engineers to optimize your heat-treating processes. From gas-mixture recommendations to complete system design, installation, and service our full-service offering is dedicated to bringing efficiency and savings to your operation.

Oxy-Fuel Combustion Solutions

Boost productivity and lower emissions by getting a comprehensive engineering and product solution. We provide hands-on expertise for lowering fuel consumption and total operating costs for your plant. We’ll also help you increase productivity by increasing the available heat from your fuel for faster heating/melting. And we’ll help you lower exhaust gas volumes by lowering the nitrogen in the exhaust. Get ahead with the right system, process controls, equipment and supplies.

Cryogenic Rubber Deflashing

With a reliable gas supply, technical support and a wide selection of cryogenic deflashing machines to choose from, Airgas is your partner in producing high-quality rubber parts. Whether you’re working in small batches or huge loads, Airgas has the equipment and the technical expertise to meet your needs.

On-Site Cryogenic Nitrogen Generation

Using only the highest-quality components, Airgas on-site systems are engineered for superior performance and high levels of automation. Let Airgas engineers bring efficiency to your site with a nitrogen generation solution designed just for you.

Laboratory Gas Systems

From drafting to operation, start to finish, we provide laboratory design engineers and architects with a complete offering of supplies and support to make sure your project is covered from every angle.