Hypertherm® Consumables and Torches for Powermax®

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Whether your goal is to get a weld closer to the base plate, achieve maximum removal, extend your reach capability or improve safety and productivity on the job, Hypertherm® has consumables and torches to fit both your Powermax® machine and your goals. Check out each of the applications below to learn about how your Powermax machine can tackle any job, big or small.

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Talk to our specialists about welding equipment, gases or safety.


Talk to our specialists about welding equipment, gases or safety.

FlushCut | Cut closer than ever before

Weld more precisely than ever with FlushCut™ and cut a quarter-inch (1/4") closer to the base without piercing or damaging your workpiece. The unique angled nozzle bore is specifically designed to deliver an optimal 45-degree flush cut arc—allowing Powermax® systems to cut or remove attachments, lugs, pad eyes, rat holes and more in a single pass.

Gouging | Faster. Cleaner. Better.

Reduce workpiece contamination, get maximum removal, control and precision in every weld and keep your crew safer than ever with top-rated gouging products from Hypertherm®.

HyAccess™ | Cut and gouge in hard-to-reach places

Reduce workpiece contamination during every weld with Hypertherm® HyAccess™ consumables and torches. HyAccess consumables extend three inches farther than standard Powermax® consumables to provide the extra reach you need. Cut and gouge in hard-to-reach and confined spaces with ease with HyAccess.

Long Torch | Extend your reach to get a safer cut

Make your business safer, more productive, and more profitable with Hypertherm® Duramax® Hyamp™ cutting torches and compatible Powermax® air plasma systems. Its extra-long reach lets operators keep a safe distance from the plasma arc and workpiece while cutting.