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Safety. The environment. The communities we serve. At Airgas, we have a deep commitment to making them top priorities—and we have the track record to back it up.

At Airgas, we put safety first. So it’s no surprise that we’re also recognized as a leader in safety in the industry, in areas including fleet and workplace safety.

Fleet safety

At Airgas, driving safety is paramount and our performance in this area was validated again in calendar year 2013 when we earned two Fleet Safety Excellence Awards from the Compressed Gas Association. Our cylinder and bulk fleets were recognized for having the lowest vehicle accident frequency rate among the industry’s large fleets. This is the fifth consecutive year that Airgas’ cylinder fleet has received this honor and the fifth win since 2005 for our bulk fleet.

Workplace safety

Safety has been—and always will be—a priority in our operations. Airgas believes that safety is every associate’s responsibility, and we are very proud of our workplace safety track record.

Awards for safety

The Compressed Gas Association awarded Duane Young, Director of the Airgas SAFECOR organization, with the Charles H. Glasier Safety Award in recognition of his safety leadership in the industrial gas industry. At Airgas SAFECOR, Young helped develop and implement 28 regulatory compliance systems for Airgas that reduced workplace accident frequency and severity by more than 60 percent, and also established Airgas as an industry leader in fleet safety.

Our commitment to sustainability

As a leading U.S. producer of packaged gases, as well as a company with 17,000 associates and more than 1,100 locations, we realize we have a responsibility to ensure sustainable development. Balanced success across our “triple bottom line” of environmental, social and financial performance is our goal.

Previously, many of our sustainability efforts were localized. As we continue to grow, we are accelerating and expanding what is being done locally for a coordinated company-wide approach to sustainability.

In 2014, we created the Airgas Sustainability Committee, which covers all functional areas, from product stewardship and gas production to talent management and safety and compliance. Through this committee, we are becoming more responsible, accountable, data-driven and transparent about our sustainability aspirations, activities and progress.

Our commitment to education

We believe the welding education is a vital part of the industries we serve—which is why we do what we can to support it. Watch this video to see how a Philadelphia area trade school managed to create a better learning environment for its welding students with a little help from Airgas.

A commitment to innovative growth

We understand that our sustainability principles and practices must align with Airgas’ business-building strategies and our responsibility to shareholders. As a company dedicated to streamlining customer supply chains and their processes, we are determined to do that responsibly and sustainably. We know that completely integrating sustainability into our operations and culture will make us a stronger company poised for even greater growth.