Avoid heat-related costs, delays and cracks before they start with liquid nitrogen injection

Uncertain conditions can greatly impact even the best laid construction plans. Placement temperature is especially critical for pouring concrete in extremely hot weather conditions and fluctuations can cause production delays and concrete cracking. If you are struggling with the limitations of chilled water and ice, liquid nitrogen injection is the ideal alternative for handling demanding cooling requirements and pour temperature specifications.

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Cool concrete with liquid nitrogen injection from Airgas

If you’re following ACI 305 guidelines for pouring concrete, liquid nitrogen injection can help you achieve and maintain demanding pour temperature specifications in extremely hot weather. ChillRight® and CryoCrete™ liquid nitrogen injection provides safe, uniform and cost-effective results compared to other methods like chilled water and ice. And, our liquid nitrogen injection solutions can cool concrete at any production rate, for any size project, on the pour site or at the batch plant.

  • Maintain low, uniform temperature specifications including less than 50°F, at any production rate
  • Realize accurate and flexible temperature adjustments greater than 50°F
  • No adverse impact on slump, air content, set time or density
  • Reduce delays and safety risks associated with handling ice, no need to purchase a refrigeration system
  • Minimize costs associated with labor and eliminate capital investment via lease
ChillRight® concrete cooling for hot-weather pouring has an elevated platform, multiple manual lance N2-hookups and truck bays


  • Manual lance hookup for liquid N2
  • Quickly install elevated platform and truck bays
  • Ideal for short-term projects
CryoCrete® concrete cooling for hot-weather pouring features a single automated lance N2-hookup on a permanent foundation


  • Automated lance insertion for liquid N2
  • Installed on a permanent foundation
  • Ideal for long-term projects and mass pours

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